Are you shining a light on your Social Impact?

As a valued ‘Adopt A School’ partner, we know you’re doing amazing work with DEC students.
But who else does?
Wouldn’t you like to tell your clients? Include ‘what you do’ for the next generation in your propects?

You can! When you fill out DEC activity logs.
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Industry supporters of Hautlieu School in Jersey are completing activity logs every time they work with their adopted DEC Centre.
It’s highlighting their HUGE impact while working on Jersey’s “Our Hospital” project.

Take a look!

Company: Soundings

Volunteer: Steve McAdam, Engagement Consultant

Year Group: DEC Level 3, Year 12 – 7 students

A talk about communications and engagement in the construction industry with reference to a range of Soundings projects.

How did it go?
It was very enjoyable and the students, though engaged ‘digitally’, were involved, alert and a pleasure to enter into discussion with at the follow-on Q&A session.

Company: Rok Ltd

Volunteer: Richard De Gruchy, Director

Year Group: DEC Level 2, Year 10 – 12 students

I have undertaken a few with Hautlieu on Level 2 and 3.
Client Needs; Functional Requirements; Site Visit; Practical Surveying to Sustainability.

Resources: ‘Crib sheets’; and informed classroom exercises

How did it go?
Awesome; great teacher and both year groups are truly engaged.

Company: Arup

Volunteer: Ryan Blakeley, Sustainability Consultant

Year Group: DEC Level 2 & 3, Year 10 & 12

Presentation and discussion around sustainability strategies, their purpose, what form they may take and what makes a good sustainability strategy.

Resources: Recording of presentation

How did it go?
We have a schedule of future engagements. It was great to have some much engagement from the pupils (even via MS Teams), both related to project work as well as interest in my role.

It was also great to receive interest in, and share my experiences about, my career path.

Company: Morris Architects

Volunteer: Peter Garforth, Director & Project Architect

Year Group: DEC Level 2, Year 7 – 12 students

Site Analysis, Schedule of Accommodation, Spatial relationship, Planning, Building Bye-Laws, Feasibility Report.”

Resources: 3D model of Victoria College

How did it go?
Student session was a very rewarding experience with pupils reacting to key topics discussed. An example of the pieces of work submitted after the session was outstanding and provided an impressive understanding of the site context, spatial relationship of the internal and external spaces.

Company: Our Hospital

Volunteer: Jessica Hardwick, Project Manager

Year Group: DEC Level 3, Year 12 – 7 students

Students presented their draft design briefs for their specific construction project. I provided verbal and written critical feedback to each of the students.

Resources: Each of the students had prepared their draft design briefs.

How did it go?
Students did a great job of presenting their briefs, with one student creating cue cards to assist. All feedback was provided during the lesson, with key advice for future assignments being to really consider all elements of the task and ensure all are covered in any response.

“So useful to have students present to a real client and get first-hand constructive feedback. 

Myself, students and Jessica completed an online questionnaire with scores and www/ebi boxes for each presentation. This was easily collated into a spreadsheet and shared with students for them to demonstrate receiving and then reacting to feedback. 

The recording of the session on Teams is an excellent opportunity for them to screenshot and evidence the feedback/presentation process in their portfolios.”

Simon Forestiero, DEC Teacher