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To get involved in the most innovative, challenging and relevant secondary school curriculum development in recent years, all you have to do is get in touch. One of our experienced team who will guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Call our team on +44 (0) 1282 680946

or email and one of our team will contact you.

DEC and Industry

Design Engineer Construct!® provides a platform for industry to take the lead in bridging professional skills gaps and inspire thousands of children to “think like Engineers” by supporting their local schools.

This unique learning programme offers all organisations, irrespective of size, the chance to directly contribute relevance and context to learning in schools.

It provides an opportunity for genuine student engagement leading to recognised qualifications, resulting in a ‘home grown’ talent pipe of work ready, knowledgeable young professionals.

COYO Adopt a School Scheme

The COYO Adopt a School scheme has been developed to address the serious lack of young British talent in the Built Environment.

It utilises the collective influence of industry and academia to provide a unique opportunity to work together and achieve maximum impact for minimum investment.

It enables industry adopters to “gift” the Design Engineer Construct!® suite of linked qualifications and industry/academic opportunities to schools across the UK.

Adopters commit to funding a minimum two year programme of study providing recognised qualifications to hundreds of young learners.

YOU can get involved!

No matter how large or small your organisation is, you can get involved. You can apply as a single adopter, or as a consortium with other adopters.

Eco Classroom Workshops
If you’re an SME, there’s also a great opportunity to support our workshops. We’re always looking for active professionals including surveyors, architects, engineers, FMs and planning consultants to inspire the next generation.

The fact is, there’s room for everyone to raise the aspirations of young people, their parents and their schools, to consider the Construction Industry as a valuable, attractive proposition for future careers.

Benefits to Industry Adopters

  • The opportunity to offer a genuine student engagement programme leading to recognised qualifications, particularly where a live project is taking place
  • This is an industry led programme with the flexibility to span all professional disciplines offering full involvement to members and responsive to industry needs
  • Industry organisations, irrespective of size, have the ability to influence schools and the curriculum
  • Through the support of the organisations, schools will improve sector knowledge and enhance the quality of their teaching and assessment
  • Industry derived qualifications and support ensures that schools keep up with changes in technology and working practices
  • Provision of genuine corporate social responsibility through investment in the next generation of architecture, engineering and construction professionals
  • Excellent PR and Marketing opportunities
  • Opportunity to brand curriculum resources and inclusion on COYO website
  • Development of a ‘home grown’ talent pipe of BIM ready, knowledgeable young professionals

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